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The London Cleaning Compnay that you can trust!

VIP Cleaning maintain high cleaning starndards to guarantee all client needs are satisfied. We use the best technologies in the cleaning indistry to get the best result.

Our professional cleaning machines in London have many years of experience in cleaning and customize their services to suit your personal and personal preferences. We provide consistently high quality service through continuous training, inspection and quality control. London cleaning agents require effective cleaning practices to make sure that your place is properly cleaned every time.

The high standards of service we introduce and maintain have made VIP Cleaning a reputable and respected name in the professional cleaning industry.

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Why choose us?

It is critical that you have people in your house and around your family that you can trust.  To ensure that we provide the most secure service possible, each of our cleaners goes through a thorough criminal investigation from a private security firm.  No one paces on your property until it’s under investigation, drug testing, and work history.  Every cleaning specialist is closely trained and supervised for 50-70 hours before being ready for individual work, at – often from the Vanya property itself. The quality of the work is designed to satisfy even the happiest or thrilling customer.

We are also licensed, tied and insured for your protection. You only have to use companies that can provide these protections (and can actually prove it). Many referrals companies are hiring contractors who are unlicensed and uninsured, so if something is ever broken or stolen – good luck in restoring each asset value !